Tank Tumbler - Version 2

The first Tumbler was just some wheels on a treadmill. This wore the base quite a bit and eventually wore the belt. The 1.5 was taking the treadmill base apart and re-inforcing the wheels, then placing them on the drive roller.

For the next iteration, I again used a treadmill, but took it completely apart. The motor is attached to an end board - using 1.5" pvc wrapped in a rubber cover (to grip and drive the tank), along with two free rollers to tumble two tanks at the same time. From the treadmill, I used the motor, AC cord, as well as the power converter and speed controller. Below is the progression of the build

Click on any image below to view a larger (around 640x480 pixel) image.

Tumbler Tumbling
The tank tumbler stored on the wall:

A tank all cleaned and painted to be a Nitrox tank:

And Tonto who likes his box:

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