Tanks with Liners Pictures

Click on any image below to view a larger (around 640x480 pixel) image. When viewing the larger image - if you remove the M_ from the address line you can view the full size picture.

These tanks had liners in them - the liners were in great shape, but many hydro places won't even look at them if they have liners, so they had to go.

First tank had a blue liner - this one came out relatively easy.

This 1970 USD (PST) tank - I didn't take any before pictures of the liner - it was blue but you could see it was very thin. After the tank is very clean - I'll have to remember to take a pic before going in for hydro.

Another 1970 USD (PST) tank, this one had a dark red liner - also in perfect shape. This one took several multiple hour tumbling sessions to get this liner out. There is a bit of a thin bit of liner remaining in the bottom half of the tank, but so thin it's clear there is no corrosion.

The second and third pictures probably show the liner the best, although the pictures look more bumpy/blurry than it looked directly. The other pics show in between tumbles. I don't have the final pics - again I hope to take them before I take these for hydro.

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