Painted/Fun Tanks

To add some personality and/or fun to my tanks, here are some pics of the tanks I've painted. The first one is a minion pic I found online - the second is my tank, with the blue BCD. I may paint the boot a bluejean blue to match the minion's overalls. I also have a couple others I've painted just to give the dull galvanized tanks some color.

Click on any image below to view a larger (around 640x480 pixel) image.

And here's the boot made up as overhalls and the tank after clearcoat

I'll be painting another tank white and I have some black eyes/nose/mouth that is from Jack the pumpkin king that should look good on it. Here is a sample representation of what I hope it looks like - I'll have to make some adjustments for where the strap will go:

I also have a big 90-100cf tank that was an ugly orange that hopefully will be a nice purple with evil minion decals. Here is the Orange Tank, soon to be purple:

Now cleaned up and ready to be primed:

Details for the Orange/cleaned/soon to be evil minion tank

Here is the conversion from cleaned to purple:

And a placeholder of how it should look when done:

The valve of the minion:

These two were tumbled and cleaned and got new pro valves:

And this is my oldest tank. This was one my dad used back in the 60's diving in Lake Michigan with a two hose regulator.

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